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Eagle-eyed observations

My wife and I visited Blair Castle on our first trip to Scotland.  It was one of the first places we visited on the tour and it is beautiful. However, neither your article (Issue 110) nor any other I’ve read mentioned the most interesting things we noticed.

There is a long black powder rifle (the barrel itself could be six feet long) and two air rifles from the 18th century (I believe) hanging on the walls of the “armory”, the first room you enter in the castle.

Another interesting thing we found is in the art-covered stairwell.  As we were walking up that stairwell, something caught my eye. There is a painting of a gentleman who is cross-eyed there. When we entered the next room, I asked the tour guide who the cross-eyed gentleman was and why an artist would paint him with crossed eyes. I was the only person in our tour group who saw the painting. The answer she gave me, plus the information on the firearms in the entrance hall, might make for an interesting article in itself.

Thank you for a great magazine!

~Steve & Vicki Stec, Blacksburg, Virginia, USA

Clan omissions

Firstly a mention of how much my wife and I enjoy your publication especially in its latest format. It is beautiful and most professional.

In particular, May 2020 (Issue 109) is chock-a-block with fine pieces of writing, along with stunning and evocative photography. Some of our favorite places are featured, for example Glenfinnan, Inverary Castle, Burns country and Edinburgh’s Royal Mile.

Of concern was the absence in the list of clans for and against Bonnie Prince Charlie (p38) of the Great MacLeans of Duart, Coll and Tiree. The MacLean stone of memory lies on the battlefield at Culloden and history books record their loyalty to the lost cause. As a member of the clan, I would be remiss not to mention this omission.

By the way, Duart Castle would be a fine subject for a future article. Its multi-million-pound restoration is now close to completion.

Thank you for your hard work producing this quality magazine. We have just renewed our subscription for another year.

~ Alan Yorker, Decatur, Georgia, USA

I love the Scotland magazine- I only got it a few days ago and I have already devoured it! I read them from cover to cover!

I was wondering about the list of clans on p38 of Issue 109. It didn’t mention the MacLean clan. I do recall seeing a picture of a stone at Culloden with the name of Clan MacLean on it. Just wondering…!

~ Judy McLean, by email

Editor replies:

Our writer James Irvine Robertson tells me the Maclean omission simply comes down to a lack of space – the Frasers, Gordons and Grants weren’t mentioned either. You are quite right, the Macleans were at Culloden, though Irvine Robertson tells me that on the day they were actually combined with the Maclachlans under Lachlan Maclachlan of Castle Lachlan.

Tasteful tartan

Can you please tell me what tartan the bagpiper on the cover of Issue 110 is wearing?

~ Joan Elliot, by email

Editor replies

Thank you for your email. My resident clan expert believes it is an Erskine tartan.

Lighthouses and lifelong friends

My husband and I lived in Scotland the first year in which we were married – he did post-graduate work at St Andrews University and I taught at a school in Anstruther, a lovely coastal village 10 miles away. In the intervening 60 years, we have returned many times to visit our “Scottish family” and to hike or to drive around almost every corner of your wonderful country!

This photograph was taken early in the morning on Loch Fyne on the way to Islay. Three brothers of my husband’s McArthur ancestors built the lighthouse at McArthur Head, Islay, and one of their sons and his family moved to Canada in 1834.

We are grateful for Scotland magazine and cherish the memories it evokes. Do you think this pandemic might end in time for my husband to once again enjoy the British Open at St Andrews with his longtime Scottish buddies? If so, then I can walk the Coastal Path around Anstruther and Pittenweem!

Thank you for a fine magazine.

~ Joan and Bob Burrows, Vancouver, BC Canada



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