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History & Heritage - Haunted Scotland

History & Heritage

Welcome to the Scotland School and find out more about the history and heritage of the nation from a wide range of in-depth articles that have appeared in Scotland Magazine over the last decade.


Haunted Scotland

A towering tale
Annie Harrower-Gray gets on the trail of The Wizard of Balwearie.

February 2010, Issue 49, page 26

Beggers and Jezebels
Annie Harrower-Gray uncovers the lusty past of a sleepy fishing port.

December 2009, Issue 48, page 26

Beneath the streets
Gary Hayden explores the subterranean streets of Mary King's Close, beneath Edinburgh's Old Town.

October 2008, Issue 41, page 26


July 2003, Issue 9, page 56

Fortress of Blood & Stone
Fortress of Few places have witnessed a more bloody history than Stirling Castle. Unsurprisingly, it is home to restless spirits. Dominic Roskrow reports.

April 2009, Issue 44, page 35

Ghostly Glamis
Gary Hayden explores the myths and legends of Glamis, the most haunted castle in Scotland.

December 2008, Issue 42, page 26

Historically haunted
Edinburgh's underground vaults attract historians as well as mediums. Are the rumours true that this is the most haunted place in Britain? Marieke Smegen tries to find out

February 2006, Issue 25, page 52

Murders, trysts, tortures and treason
Gary Hayden visits Hermitage Castle in the Scottish Borders.

June 2008, Issue 39, page 28

Restless spirit of the islands
Dominic Roskrow reports on the spirits of Orkney and the ghost of Skaill House.

February 2009, Issue 43, page 26

Spirits of Skye
The Isle of Skye has a history as dramatic as its geography, and unsurprisingly, more than its fair share of ghost stories. Dominic Roskrow reports.

June 2009, Issue 45, page 58

Spooky Edinburgh
Gary Hayden looks at a few places where you can experience the ghoulish history of Edinburgh's Royal Mile

February 2007, Issue 31, page 24

St. Andrews' ghosts
The ruins of St Andrews Cathedral in Fife are steeped in history. Gary Hayden reports.

April 2008, Issue 38, page 28

The ancient ways
Passing through Dunino on a damp and dreich day it is hard to imagine that the Ancient Druids choosing this dull and dark spot as a place to worship the sun. It is here though, among The Muirs of Fife...

October 2009, Issue 47, page 26

The city of souls
Annie Harrower - Gray gives us a spirit guide to St Andrews.

April 2010, Issue 50, page 26

The ghosts of Glencoe
Do the victims of an infamous massacre still haunt this beautiful glen? Gary Hayden reports

August 2008, Issue 40, page 34

The ghosts of Greyfriars
Gary Hayden takes a walk round Greyfriars Kirkyard in Edinburgh's old town

March 2008, Issue 37, page 28

Visiting those old haunts...
Roddy Martine, author of the book supernatural Scotland, picks Scotland's ten most haunted places

May 2004, Issue 14, page 22

Will ye no come back again?
Annie Harrower-Gray explores the legends of some Jacobean hauntings in the Highlands of Scotland.

August 2009, Issue 46, page 68

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