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History & Heritage - Everything You Need to Know...

History & Heritage

Welcome to the Scotland School and find out more about the history and heritage of the nation from a wide range of in-depth articles that have appeared in Scotland Magazine over the last decade.


Everything You Need to Know...

Everything you need to know about ... Shinty
The game of Shinty was brought to Scotland by the first Celtic settlers from Ireland as early as the first millennium, and bears a striking similarity to the Irish sport of Hurling, which is also know...

December 2008, Issue 42, page 74

Everything you need to know about Harris Tweed
To begin with, it needs to be understood that Harris tweed, one of the most desirable wool textiles in the world, is produced exclusively on the Outer Hebridean island of Harris and Lewis, an island w...

December 2007, Issue 36, page 74

Everything you need to know about Highland Weaponary
In an age when governments are doing their best to clamp down on the carrying of knives, it is perhaps apposite to reflect on the lawless times of long ago when individuals were obliged to carry some ...

June 2008, Issue 39, page 74

Everything you need to know about Scottish bagpipes
Roddy Martine reveals the history of the humble bagpipe

April 2007, Issue 32, page 74

Everything you need to know about... Scottish Clans
The word ‘clan' originates from the Gaelic language and simply means ‘family.' The population of the Lowlands, in particular the Scottish Borders, associated themselves with ‘families' (Armstron...

April 2008, Issue 38, page 74

Everything you need to know about... Scottish dancing
First it is important to separate Scottish country dancing from Highland dancing. The essential difference is that Scottish country dancing is social, danced by couples, and comprises reels (circle da...

November 2007, Issue 35, page 74

Everything you need to know about... sporrans
Sporan is the Gaelic word for a purse or pouch, and the sporran, as we know it today, is a relatively ‘modern' and largely decorative addition to Highland dress. The outfit of long ago was the belte...

March 2008, Issue 37, page 74

The Border Ridings
The Border region of Scotland enjoys a turbulent history steeped in confrontation. In centuries past, riding the marches to protect the interests of the Scottish Crown was seen as an important defensi...

February 2009, Issue 43, page 74

the ‘roaring game'
While curling is today recognised as an international team sport, there can be no dispute that it was invented in medieval Scotland, with the earliest record of it being played dating from 1541. The p...

October 2008, Issue 41, page 74

Where to discover Bagpipes
In the latest in our series we look at the bagpipes – where to buy them, where to learn them, and where to hear them.

April 2009, Issue 44, page 42