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Thu 22 Nov 2012

Ayrshire Then & Now

Ayrshire Then & Now by Dane Love

To be published 1st December 2012, £12.99 Hardback

An evocative pictorial record showcasing the changing face of Ayrshire over the last 150 years

Ingrained with a fascinating history, including its notable links to Robert Burns, William Wallace and Robert the Bruce, Ayrshire is home to some of the most stunning countryside in the British Isles. With six rivers, sixty miles of sandy beaches and over forty castles, the county has a rich heritage unsurpassed by many. This new title from local historian Dane Love delves into Ayrshire’s history in a unique new way, comparing 45 rare archive images from the areas past with the same scenes of today, showing how much or how little has changed.

From Ayr and Cumnock to Kilmarnock and Largs, Ayrshire Then & Now captures the essence of the area, detailing its evolution over the years in a comprehensive new way. With detailed and informative captions accompanying each pairing of photographs, this fascinating new volume will awaken nostalgic memories for all who know and love this historic area of Scotland.

• Showcasing over 45 rare archive images of Ayrshire alongside images of the same scenes today.
• Witness the people of the past juxtaposed against their twenty-first century descendants.
• Featuring streets and buildings, shops and businesses, and people at work, all aspects of city life are covered.

Dane Love was born and lives in Ayrshire. He has written many books on Ayrshire and Scottish historical topics. He works as a schoolteacher at Irvine Royal Academy, and spends most of his time writing and touring the country. He is married to Hazel and they have two children.

To request a review copy, images or simply an interview with the author, please contact or alternatively on Tel: 01453 732505.

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