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Scotland Magazine News - Plans Announced for Arbroath Sea Fest 2013

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Thu 15 Nov 2012

Plans Announced for Arbroath Sea Fest 2013

Following the success of the 1940’s theme at this summer’s Arbroath Sea Fest, the organisers have announced a very apt theme for Sea Fest 2013 – ‘A Day At The Seaside’.

“With our stunning location at Arbroath Marina, packed full of yachts and speedboats, old fishing boats tied up at the harbour, many things to see and do along the quayside, pleasure boats heading out to sea and even a small sandy beach, ‘A Day At The Seaside’ is highly fitting and provides lots of scope for our plans for Sea Fest 2013,” said Marco Macari, chair of Arbroath Sea Fest Committee, the team of volunteers behind the highly popular celebration of Arbroath’s maritime heritage.

With arrangements already well underway for Arbroath Sea Fest 2013, which will take place on Saturday August 3 and Sunday August 4, Marco revealed that committee members are keen to resurrect one of the town’s most-loved seaside traditions – Arbroath Beauty Pageant.

“Arbroath’s outdoor swimming pool, where the beauty pageant was previously held, no longer exists but we’re hopeful the daughters, granddaughters and even great-granddaughters of the local girls and holidaymakers who used to compete in this extremely popular contest will help us bring back the Arbroath Beauty Pageant,” said Marco.

With over 25,000 people attending Arbroath Sea Fest 2012, Marco stressed that the committee is keen to attract even more people to this year’s event. “A large crowd adds to the feel-good atmosphere while also ensuring we cover our costs,” explained Marco. “The small admission charge helps pay Sea Fest’s £40,000 costs, which includes policing, toilets and security.

“In addition, since 1997, Arbroath Sea Fest has helped many local charities raise over £200,000, including the RNLI. So not only does Arbroath Sea Fest offer a great, value-for-money day out for all the family, it also provides much needed fundraising opportunities for local and Scottish charities.”

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