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Issue 99 - We've got mail

Scotland Magazine Issue 99
June 2018


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We've got mail

Messages from our readers across the globe

SIR - I’ve always enjoyed reading Scotland Magazine. But your latest Edition #98 got my pulse racing, particularly for the article on the Speyside Way and the walking paths from Kincraig to Buckie. In particular the portion relating to the walk along the coast into Portgordon and the picture of the town as seen from Buckie. What a pleasant surprise, given that it brought home my Scottish roots.

My great, great grandparents lived in Portgordon in the mid 1850s and my great, great grandfather worked as a cooper in the fishing industr y. The family moved from fishing village to fishing village depending on the season; starting in Fraserburgh, then Peterhead and then ultimately settling down in Portgordon until his death in 1860. Shortly after that, the family moved back to Peterhead, from where my great grandfather and his eldest brother ultimately decided to emigrate to Canada in 1871.

I look for ward to future issues of your magazine to see what other surprises I find as it relates to my family history from both sides of my family.

Shirley Waldon, Victoria, BC, Canada

There’s nothing quite like viewing pictures of or - even better, visiting - places with ties to family history. I’m very glad we’ve been able to share with you a little view of the place your great, great grandparents called home! - Christopher

SIR - You rekindled happy memories for me with your article on Clackmannanshire. I spent part of WWII living with my grandparents in Tillycoultry. My dad was in the Navy and my mother worked in the ammunition factory in Alloa. Grandma babysat my sister and I. After the war, we spent our summer holidays enjoying countr y life. As we climbed the glen and walked down the hill, Grandpa would watch us in his binoculars. Long summer evenings, walking to Alva for ice cream and a wonderful childhood friend, I just have to close my eyes and I see it all very clearly.

Catherine Hogg (nee Bogie), Goderich, Ontario, Canada

What wonderfully happy memories - it sounds like you had a fantastic time enjoying the countryside. The area around Tillycoultry is still idyllic and makes for a lovely summer retreat. In your honour, I’ll be sure to have an ice cream the next time I’m in Alva! - Christopher

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