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Issue 96 - Scotland Magazine Loves

Scotland Magazine Issue 96
December 2017


This article is 13 months old and some information provided may be time sensitive. Please check all details of events, tours, opening times and other information before travelling or making arrangements.

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Scotland Magazine Loves

Some highlights from our trip to Orkney

Orkney Gin (1)

Orkney Gin Company pride themselves  on the high quality of their products. Its gin  is hand crafted in ultra-small batches using  seven times distilled premium grain spirit  and the finest botanicals from the shores of  Orkney and beyond. The rich folklore and  traditions of Orkney serve as the inspiration  behind Orkney Gin Company’s products.

Johnsmas is midsummer, a time during  which the sun rarely dips below the horizon  and Johnsmas gin’s floral notes capture the  long, light days of Orcadian midsummer.

Mikkelmas takes inspiration from the  harvest festival, a time full of celebration of  a successful harvest. Made from a mixture of  secret mulled spices, it’s smooth and warming.

Rhubarb Old Tom, the newest release, is  a celebration of rhubarb, a plant that thrives  in the Orcadian climate and can be found  growing in the garden of almost every old  house. A full-strength gin at 43%, this lightly  sweetened Old Tom has proven very popular.

Sheila Fleet (2)

Well-known Scottish jewellery designer  Sheila Fleet OBE designs and makes all her  contemporary and traditional collections  from her workshop by the sea in the Orkney  Islands. All of Sheila's distinctive designs are  inspired by her island home and Scotland’s  rich heritage. Her latest collection, Captivate  (see above), is inspired by granules of gold  caught in the crevices of Scotland's burns.

Ask Sheila about Scottish gold and she looks  excited. She has been chosen as one of only  two jewellers in Scotland to receive Scottish  gold from the Cononish Gold Mine in the west  of Scotland. "We are busy making some of the  first Scottish gold rings," she explains. "Our  customers are very happy with the results!"

Sheila has been working with yellow, white  and rose gold for years, along with other  rare metals. Scottish Gold is a wonderful  new addition but in limited supply. See all  of Sheila’s jewellery online or visit one of her  shops in Orkney or Edinburgh.

Highland Park (3)

Founded in 1798, tales of the Highland  Park Distillery’s early years are tied up with the  shadowy character Magnus Euanson. Magnus  was one of many Orcadian moonshiners and  smugglers in the late 18th Century. A church  officer by day, he used his position as a pillar  of the community to foil the excisemen by  hiding his hooch beneath the pulpit!

Magnus’ farm was on the ‘whisky road’  that ran from Kirkwall to Holm and he used  water from two springs that rose in the High  (or Highland) Park. It was pretty clear that  he was onto something good for, when he was  finally brought to book in 1813, his case never  went to court. In time the distillery passed to  Robert Borwick and by 1840 Highland Park  was at full production strength.

Like then, Highland Park continues to malt  barley on site, cut its own local peat, and  employ a passionate team of Orcadians. Open  to the public, the distillery offers a wide range  of superb tours and tastings.  


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