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Issue 96 - We've got mail

Scotland Magazine Issue 96
December 2017


This article is 13 months old and some information provided may be time sensitive. Please check all details of events, tours, opening times and other information before travelling or making arrangements.

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We've got mail

Messages from our readers across the globe

SIR - Roddy Martine's article regarding the Forth Bridges means so much to me and is very apt as I had just returned from a 10-day vacation in Scotland.

On 10 July 1964, my father Robert Orr was killed in an accident on the Forth Road Bridge. It was his 55th birthday. When I arrived from Canada, his card and gift from me were still unopened as he had left early that morning for work. Life was never the same for our family and words cannot express the pain and emptiness at the loss of a good, handsome, much-loved husband and father. Needless to say, we were all in shock.

Many happy childhood memories were made in South Queensferr y as we visited many times from Bo'ness to use the Ferry for Burntisland, Port Lane Sands and along the coast.

Until September of this year I could never visit the Bridge, even though I saw it from a distance when one of my brothers lived for a time in South Queensferr y. I am now in my 70s and decided that I must visit my childhood friends, as we are all getting up there in years. There is nothing like childhood friends as they know your history and we talked and talked. How I miss them here in Canada! I do love Scotland.

After lots of walks and visits to a bench by the pier to gaze at the bridges, thinking of my father, I went back to the hotel, dressed for dinner and sat in a seat by the window. During my meal I felt an overwhelming rush of emotion and the tears fell for a time, quietly of course! It was so very cathartic and I can now look at ëThe Bridgeí as a monument to my Dad and the other men who died. I have some of the original black and white photographs given to me by my father. They are beautiful and will be treasured, then given to my son.

I really would appreciate any advice on how I can obtain the documentary Fifty Years Across the Forth, as I am having difficulty in tracing it to download. I also would love to get in touch with Mr. Hendry, who contributed all his film to BBC One. He would be 91 years by now, so I hope he is hale and hearty.

Please thank Mr. Martine for his lovely article as, having such a personal association, it was very much enjoyed.

Your magazine is a delight and I will return to Edinburgh next year, God willing, to catch up with family and friends and to explore the city I lived in for a number of years.

Elizabeth Orr Mof fat, Canada

Thank you for sharing this touching story with us. It offers such a personal, if tragic, view on a bridge many of us here at Scotland Magazine see every day. Sadly, the documentary isnít available on iPlayer and doesnít appear to be available for purchase or download. With regards to contacting Mr Hendr y, I would suggest that getting in touch the documentaryís producer, Sarah Howitt, would be a good starting point. Alternatively, a direct approach to the BBC may work. - Christopher

For your father to have had a role in creating one of the great wonders of the world must make you very proud indeed. - Roddy

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