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Issue 83 - Scotland's Bookshelf

Scotland Magazine Issue 83
October 2015


This article is 3 years old and some information provided may be time sensitive. Please check all details of events, tours, opening times and other information before travelling or making arrangements.

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Scotland's Bookshelf

A selection of the latest offering on Scottish History, Style and Culture

Scotland Forever!
The Scots Greys at Waterloo
Iain Gale
£8.99 (UK) | Birlinn | ISBN: 978-1-84341-068-3

The charge of the Royal Scots Greys was a pivotal moment in the Duke of Wellington's cataclysmic confrontation with the Emperor Napoleon in 1815. The Battle of Waterloo was certainly a turning point in European history but through contemporary accounts, the author reveals the terrible cost of war.

A History From Earliest Times
Alistair Moffat
£9.99 (UK) | Birlinn | ISBN: 978-1-78027-280-1

An account of the events that shaped Scotland as we know it today. Moffat plunders the facts and fables to create a richly-detailed and comprehensive analysis of a nation's past and references a huge number of sources.

The Hollow Mountain
Marian Pallister
£9.99 (UK) | Birlinn | ISBN: 978-1-78027-220-7

Based on interviews and contemporary accounts, the author explores the remarkable hollowing out of Ben Cruachan, Argyll's noblest and highest mountain. Nowadays a thriving community lives under the Hollow Mountain. This is their story.

Robert Burns in Edinburgh
An Illustrated Guide to Burns' Time in Edinburgh
Jerry Brannigan, John McShane with
illustrations by David Alexander
£9.99 (UK) | Waverley Bookshelf | ISBN: 978-1-84934-171-4

Soon after his arrival in Edinburgh, Robert Burns was the talk of the town. The era known as the Scottish Enlightenment was well underway, and this compilation of locations and friendships gives an insight into what the 'Ploughman Poet' got up to.

Set in Stone
The Geology and Landscapes of Scotland
Alan McKirdy
£9.95 (UK) | Birlinn | ISBN: 978-1-78027-151-4

This is a concise and lavishly illustrated guide to the extraordinary landscape and geology of Scotland, a land mass that has traveled across the surface of the globe for 3,000 million years. The next time you look at a mountain, think about how it came to be there.

Scotch Missed
The Original Guide to the Lost Distilleries of Scotland
Brian Townsend
£19.99 (UK)/ $29.9(US) | Angel's Share | ISBN: 978-1-906000-82-0

The author has dedicated himself to preserving the history of the Scotch whisky makers who struggled against the odds and lost. Not entirely a sad story as there are some spirited moments. A fascinating read.

Bruce Meg and Me
An adventurous 1,000 mile walk following Robert the Bruce as he struggled to save Scotland
Gregor Ewing
£7.99 (UK)/ $19.95(US) | Luath Press | ISBN: 978-1-910021-80-4

The author and his brown and white border collie set off on a marathon tour from south west Scotland into the west Highlands, overland to Moray and Buchan and south to Berwick-upon-Tweed before reaching the battlefield of Bannockburn.

Little Sparta
A Guide to the Garden of Ian Hamilton Finlay
Jessie Sheeler. Photographs by Robin Gillanders.
£14.99 (UK) | Birlinn | ISBN: 979-1-78027-294-8

Quirky and traditional, the sculptor in stone Ian Hamiltion Finlay created this wonderful oasis in the Pentland Hills close to Edinburgh. There are over 300 artworks in his anarchic collection, vividly pictured by Robin Gillanders, an outstanding photographer.

Second Coast
A Personal Journey through the landscape of Wester Ross
Paul White
£20.00 (UK) | Paul White Photography in partnership with Boco Publishing Ltd | ISBN: 978-0-95644-524-7
The photographer's love and understanding of this spectacular region resonates on every page. This is a sensitive and beautifully put together collection of powerful images capturing the extremes of life and landscape in the north west of mainland Scotland.

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