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Issue 76 - Scotland's Bookshelf

Scotland Magazine Issue 76
August 2014


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Scotland's Bookshelf

A selection of the latest offering on Scottish History, Style and Culture

Blood on the Thistle
Stuart Pearson and Bob Mitchell
£17.99 | John Blake | ISBN 978-1-78219-906-9

This is a book that resonates across the generations, focusing on a family which settled in the town of Haddington in 1880. Of their seven sons, four were to be killed fighting for King and Country during the Great War, two were horrifically wounded and only one returned unscathed. Their descendants are now scattered all over the world, but this is a well-written and fitting tribute to courage, resilience and survival.

The Trials of Lady Jane Douglas
Karl Sabbagh
£16.99 | Skyscraper | ISBN 978-0-9926270-1-0

It is hard to appreciate the full impact of the scandal surrounding the Douglas Cause debacle of the 18th century. When the 1st Duke of Douglas, the richest man in Scotland, died childless in 1761, his titles and estates were disputed by his cousin, the Duke of Hamilton, and his nephew Archibald Stewart, born to the Duke's sister Lady Jane late in life in Paris. Witnesses and lawyers on both sides were involved in bribery and corruption and the subsequent litigation divided British society.

Hidden St Andrews
Susan McMullan
£9.99 | Black and White Publishing | ISBN 978-1-84502-755-1

Resonating with history, St Andrews is perhaps best known worldwide as the “home of golf”, and the university town where Prince William and Kate first met. In a series of sections, Hidden St Andrews explores the old cobbled streets and pends to reveal such oddities as Hamish McHamish, the Cool Cat about Town, the May Dip, the Eight O'Clock Curfew Bell, the Origin of Red Gowns and the Kate Kennedy Procession.

The Cairngorms: A Secret History
Patrick Baker
£9.99 | Birlinn | ISBN 978-1-78027-188-0

The Big Grey Man of Ben Macdui,the crash of the Oxford Mkl aeroplane in 1945, Black Sandy and the Cat's Den, these are the stories to be found in this entertaining and intriguing voyage of discovery. Exploring the Cairngorms has been a lifetime fascination for Patrick Baker and in this book he generously shares the results.

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