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Issue 51 - Get into focus

Scotland Magazine Issue 51
June 2010


This article is 8 years old and some information provided may be time sensitive. Please check all details of events, tours, opening times and other information before travelling or making arrangements.

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Get into focus

The Scotland Magazine Photo Challenge is the new annual photographic competition, leading to publication of the winning photographs in the October issue each year and a selection of short-listed images published in future editions as selected by the editor.

If you think you are the next great landscape photographer, or have a wonderful image of a stag, then here is your chance to shine and prosper and see you work published. Winners will be published in Scotland Magazine. Please send your entries Photo tips FOCUS The image should be sharp unless blur is an intentional effect.

LIGHT The use of light is key to a good photograph and the most important thing is that the light is appropriate to the image. There are many different types of ‘good’ light; stormy, early morning, dusk.

COMPOSITION When editing your images for entry, make sure you stand back from them and view them as a whole. Is there a hedgerow appearing from the back of a castle? Is the image on a slant? Should you move to the left or take a step to the right? There are many factors contributing to the overall composition of an image.

IMPACT This is very subjective. A great photograph will include a combination of the emotion the photographer was feeling at the time it was taken, the time of day, the subject, the light and much more. All this can lift a picture above the ordinary.

Originality. The angle of the photograph or indeed the subject – whatever the end result the judges will be impressed by your originality of thought and execution.

Categories Class Amateur (see definition in the rules below) Professional (see definition in the rules below) Categories Nature Animals Landscape Water Other (please specify) Travel Contemporary transport Historical transport Other (please specify) History Castles Historic houses Monuments Other (please specify) Contemporary City life Country life Golf Other (please specify) For Scotland Magazine Photo Challenge Rules 2010 see Schedule Entry deadline: 30th October 2010 Results announced in Issue 55 on 11th February 2011 Judges The editorial panel of Scotland Magazine Judging process All entries will be judged by the Scotland Magazine panel in round one. These judges will select a shortlist of photographs (the ‘Shortlist’) in each category which, in their opinion, best illustrate that category. This Shortlist will then be voted upon by readers of Scotland Magazine via an online poll.

Photographic format Photographs must be taken in digital format, and must be 300dpi and should allow the image to be reproduced at A4 size or above.

Each photograph must include: Name of location Time of day Make and model of camera used Category being entered File naming Name your digital files with your surname, initial & image number. For example, if your name is David Smith and you are submitting 4 images, your numbers would run smith-d-01.jpg to smith-d-04.jpg.

Please use lower case letters only with no spaces.

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