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Issue 50 - Spring at last

Scotland Magazine Issue 50
April 2010


This article is 8 years old and some information provided may be time sensitive. Please check all details of events, tours, opening times and other information before travelling or making arrangements.

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Spring at last

Rob Allanson looks forward to the joys of Spring.

Well it’s here finally at last. It’s like we have all emerged from the spell of the White witch in C. S. Lewis’ novels.

Seriously winter just seems to have gone on for ages, and while I enjoy a nice snow laden landscape as much as the next person, it does become a little wearisome on a motorbike after a while. Not that I am inherently a sun worshiper but it’s just nice not to slide all over the place.

But in the last few days here the sun has been warming up and the trees are beginning to bud.

The first heralding that winter was over came when I was on a trip up to Edinburgh for the launch of the world’s oldest whisky, a 70 Years Old Mortlach from independent bottlers Gordon and Macphail. The event was held at Edinburgh Castle and standing on the ramparts overlooking the green parts of the city you could spot the daffodils, snowdrops and crocus that generally signal a shift in the seasons.

My garden it seems overnight has suddenly become a riot of colour as well. In fact so pleased was my daughter at the weekend she ran round the garden hugging and kissing the flowers. Very sweet and very silly, but at least she is beginning to appreciate the turns in the year.

She has also taken an active interest in the blackbird that has started to build a nest in the hedge in our front garden. Although, thankfully for the blackbird, I am trying to confine her exuberance to watching through the window.

It is usually this time of year that I start making plans for the year ahead, I find that sitting in front of a log fire in the grip of an ice-laden winter my plans become too fanciful and dreamy. However this year I am determined to get out camping with the family and take in some of the less generally visited corners of Scotland.

The bike is perfect for getting where cars sometimes cannot go, and the good people at tent manufacturers have sent me a lightweight tent. Ideal for strapping to the back of the bike and escaping.

So what plans have you been making for the summer? Scotland, with its magestic scenery of lochs and glens is perfect for a summer break. The only thing that is stopping you is leaving, well that’s what I find anyway.

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