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Issue 37 - Capture Scotland in your home

Scotland Magazine Issue 37
March 2008


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Capture Scotland in your home

Scotland Magazine has scoured the Highlands and Islands to find an artist who best captures the mood of the country. We have discovered Ian Gray, of international renown, and asked him to produce a limited edition print exclusively for Scotland Magazine readers

How many times have you wished you could experience the real Scotland? Or seen the most beautiful view and just wished you could bring it back home? Well, Scotland Magazine has sourced one of the most spectacular landscapes from one of Scotland’s leading artists, Ian Gray, and is producing a limited edition print run of only 500 prints, exclusively for readers of Scotland Magazine. Each print is hand signed by the artist and individually numbered, ensuring you receive this most personal and unique print of Scotland. Capturing the mood of the islands, Loch Indaal Sunset is one the most breathtaking views you will witness.

THE ARTIST Born in Hamilton, Scotland in 1966, Ian’s family have a tradition in creating and working with the arts. Second son to an engineer/draftsman and inventor, his mother being a skilled kilt maker, both grandparents were highly skilled, his grandfather created wonderful sculptures and pottery, while his grandmother was a painter, creating scores of designs for pottery.

Leaving school at 17, Ian worked in a picture framer and gallery in Edinburgh, before travelling to Germany to study at Bochum University. It was here that he became interested in photography and design. In 1989 Ian started painting and experimenting with photo design in his studio in Düsseldorf. Among his early works were the ‘flaschen geister’ a unique photographic process, where images of people were developed inside bottles to create an illusion of trapped ghosts.

He also worked on a commission from the Parliament in Düsseldorf, a painting that became a gift to the Singapore people in 1995. In the same year he worked on Christo’s Wrapped Reichstag project in Berlin.

Known for his Scottish landscapes and paintings of Scottish and American distilleries, Ian works with photography, oils and impasto to create photorealism with a twist. Commissions for his work hang in The Scotch Malt Whisky Society in Edinburgh, Ardbeg Distillery, Glenfarclas Distillery and the George Washington Museum at Mount Vernon, Virginia.

His collectors include Glenmorangie, Citibank, The American Distillers Council, State of Singapore, BYC Germany and many private collectors.

THE PAINTING Loch Indaal Sunset by Ian Gray was painted inthe summer of 2007 on the island of Islay in the Inner Hebrides, just off the west coast of Scotland.

The view is from Bowmore harbour, the main village on Islay looking west towards Bruichladdich and Port Charlotte.

“It was my intention to bring to life the ever changing skies and mix the beauty of the sunset with some of the beautiful wildlife and stories surrounding Islay,” says Ian. “From the headless horseman at Ardbeg to the Lords of the Isles, I have taken these stories and thrown them into the setting sun to create a dream-like seascape of swirling clouds infused with the setting sun. Look closer and you will find seals and oyster catchers, golden eagles, geese and waders all to be found on the shores of Loch Indaal.” Loch Indaal is 35 miles long and is steeped in history and beauty, from the cliffs at the Oa to wide long sandy beaches at the Big Strand, raised beaches at Black Rock and rugged wild reefs at Port Wemyss.