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Issue 33 - Aggie MacKenzie

Scotland Magazine Issue 33
June 2007


This article is 11 years old and some information provided may be time sensitive. Please check all details of events, tours, opening times and other information before travelling or making arrangements.

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Aggie MacKenzie

Christopher Fisher talks to Aggie MacKenzie, queen of clean and star of television show How Clean is Your House?

Tell us about your five favourite places in Scotland. “Let’s start with Lilly Loch, near where I was bought up. It is absolutely isolated, there are no roads nearby and you have to walk across the moors. It is also where the ashes of my ex next door neighbour were scattered.

“Then there is Oldshoremore Beach, which is on the Sutherland coast, it’s fantastic as there is beautiful white sand. It is where my grandparents used to live and we used to go there every summer. This place is absolutely idyllic and it is great as it is completely non-commercial.

“Skye is also special to me, I remember I was the first person to pass my driving test from my class, at 17. Afriend’s father lent us his dormobile and there were seven or eight of us bundled in it driving off to Skye. We had a weekend getting up to no good and had such a good time. Looking back, I think our parents were mad to let us go.

“The Isle of Iona means so much to me too; I just remember the peace and tranquility there.

I’m not a religious person, but I really felt a sense of spirituality and I would really like to go back.

“Finally, the most important place for me in Scotland is my mum’s kitchen table. Her cooking has always been fantastic and there are so many memories associated with that table!”

Aggie’s Scotland

Positioned two miles north of Kinlochbervie, this beach is picture perfect. Within walking distance is a tranquil loch full of brown trout and occasional salmon. With panoramic views across the sea, this has to be one of Scotland’s treasures.

Skye is the largest and most famous of the Inner Hebrides, with natural beauty and varied wildlife. Known in Gaelic as ‘Eilean a’ Cheò’ it means ‘The Misty Isle.’ The Cuillin Hills, The Red Hills and Blaven, the most beautiful mountain range in Scotland, are perfect for hikers.

Events: Scottish Country Dance Weekend (May) Skye Half Marathon (June) Festival (July) Highland Games (August).

Iona Abbey is one of Scotland’s most adored sites: a great source of religious history. The abbey is the burial place of Scotland’s earlier kings with one of the most comprehensive examples of Christian stone collections in Scotland dating back to 600 AD.

AD563 saw Saint Columba build a monastery here, introducing a faith that developed across the islands and beyond Scotland. More recently the abbey was restored and a faith strong community continue Columba’s legacy.
Events: Mull & Iona Food Festival (September)

Aggie may love her mum’s cooking, but you too can enjoy the country’s finest food. Fochabers is the stronghold from where the Baxter family built their well-known family business. You could join the 220,000 visitors per year to visit The Highland Village and learn how George Baxter borrowed £100 to launch a global food phenomenon.

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