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Issue 32 - Colin McCredie

Scotland Magazine Issue 32
April 2007


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Colin McCredie

Christopher Fisher meets Scottish actor Colin McCredie, best known for his role as Stuart Fraser in the ITV drama, Taggart

Tell us about your five favourite Scottish places.
“First, Perth, especially Perth Theatre; that was where I got my first feeling for the stage and my first job as a teenager. I did a play there last year.

That was special, going full circle. I still remembered a few faces!

“Perth is also special to me because Saint Johnston at Mcdiarmid Park is my favourite football team.

“I love Mull, it’s a lovely place to holiday, especially Tobermory, now made famous by kids television programme Balamory. It has some great pubs, too.

“The Isle of Iona is a beautiful spot, The Bay At The Back Of The Ocean, which is a beach at the far side of Iona is one of my favourites. I’ve been there a few times but there’s one vivid memory when I definitely saw ghosts. I was with some friends, watching the sunset at The Bay. I was ahead of my friends walking back, when I turned round and saw a group of perhaps 30 silhouettes running towards us. None of us knew what they were so we ran. Then they disappeared. The explanation, we thought, was maybe camouflaged soldiers yomping. We went to a bar and looked at a map and where we had walked had been the site of a monks’ massacre. It’s inexplicable, but it’s not a scary place.

“I also like Tighnabruaich in Argyll.

I’ve friends with a flat there and it’s great to sneak off to. There are beautiful beaches, nice bars, restaurants; all of that only an hour and a half’s drive from Glasgow.

“I mustn’t forget Gleneagles hotel, as that is where I proposed to my wife Simone. I proposed to her in a gazebo in the hotel grounds.” Colin talks about his Scottish roots Tell us about your childhood in Scotland.

“I was born in Alexandria, near Loch Lomond. At two I moved to Perth and stayed until drama school.” The National Youth Theatre must have played a major part.

“My sister got a job backstage at Perth Theatre. She would get me tickets for matinees when I was 10 or 11 and I got to go backstage. That led to my involvement in The Scottish Youth Theatre right up until I was 17.

It was a fun, learning experience with a little travel. I’m now a patron of the Scottish Youth Theatre.” How did it feel, becoming involved in Taggart?

“I remember watching Taggart when I was at primary school. When I went to drama school I saw people older than me getting roles in the show. I could see it was a big deal. I hoped I would land a part. Getting a part was amazing, but getting a regular role was a real bonus. Virtually every Scottish actor has appeared.” Are filming hours exhausting?

“It’s harder for the crew than for me.

Living in Glasgow, I get home every night and get the weekends off. It’s not too demanding.” What do you make of DC Fraser?

“He’s interesting. There are a few contradictions about him, mainly that he’s gay and a policeman. He came out 10 years ago. I played him for a year not knowing he was gay. Then there was this great story with a gay murder, and Fraser becoming implicated. It gave him an edge as I can’t imagine there weremany openly gay police officers then, nor many gay characters in drama. The way I think about him is, he’s a character who happens to be gay, giving him more depth.” It must be nice to play a likeable character?

“People joke about this with me and ask what it’s like playing a gay character. I always joke its worse playing a policeman! You get more abuse for that in parts of Glasgow I think. But he is a likeable cop; pro-technology and active.”

Colin McCredie’s Scotland

Known as The Fair City, there are many attractions here that should take centre stage.
Don’t miss the central parks, theatre, market and art galleries in this beautiful city.
Why not sample the royal life at nearby Scone Palace?
Perth Theatre, tel: +44 (0)845 612 6322
Scone Palace, tel: +44(0)1738 552 300

With a backdrop of colourful houses, you can see why Tobermory was chosen for the kids’ TV series Balamory. In fact, the colours were used to identify characters and happenings in each house. Feel you’re there by searching out Balamory’s community. Perfect for fans of any age.

As with Colin’s bizarre experience on Iona, right across Scotland, there are haunted places. At the Queen Mother’s childhood home Glamis Castle you could bump into the Grey Lady, said to haunt the corridors after being accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake.
Borthwick Castle and Castle Stuart have their own ghosts too… could you stay overnight?
Glamis, tel: +44 (0)1307 840 393 Borthwick, tel: +44 (0)870 050 3232 Castle Stuart, tel: +44 (0)1463 790 745

Stunning for His n’ Hers holidays. He can play golf, while she relaxes in the spa. Then a luxurious evening together. Superb.
Gleneagles Hotel, tel: +44 (0)1764 662 231