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Scotland Magazine Issue 3

Scotland Magazine Issue 3

Scotland Magazine Issue 3

In this issue - Holyroodhouse - Whisky and Castles Speysides finest - Jenners retailing dynasty - A royal passion for Scotland - The Highland Clearances - Lord Lyon - Harris Tweed - Shortbread tasting

Published July 2002

Notes from a small island
Editor Marcin Miller travels to the Hebrides

July 2002, Issue 3, page 3

Border patrol
In Scotland it is never possible to escape the past. At every turn it confronts you and although some of our more progressive politicians would happily wipe the slate clean and start again, the lesson...

July 2002, Issue 3, page 7

Transatlantic celebration
Roddy Martine attended the festivities of tartan week in the US, as thousands of Americans celebrated their Scottish links

July 2002, Issue 3, page 10

Letters to the Editor
WORDS OF PRAISE Your magazine is fantastic! I look forward to future copies. Regards, GARRET JANNEY, WASHINGTON, USA Got our first issue and really loved it. This already has helped us plan some of t...

July 2002, Issue 3, page 13

The palace of Holyroodhouse
Through the years, so many turbulent events have taken place within its walls... Charles Douglas visits Scotland's very own royal residence

July 2002, Issue 3, page 14

Sale: McTear's record-breaking whisky sale
On 17th April 2002, a bottle of The Macallan 60-year-old broke world records by fetching a massive £20,100 (US$29,350) at the McTear's Fine and Rare Whisky auction in Glasgow. One of only 40 bottles ...

July 2002, Issue 3, page 21

Scotland's largest art and antiques fair
An estimated £20 ($30) million of art and antiques is for sale at this year's Antiques for Everyone – Scotland, at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre, Glasgow. The event includes over 10...

July 2002, Issue 3, page 21

The Fleming Collection: Scots Abroad
The Fleming Collection, with works by Scottish artists of various eras and movements, and Scottish scenes by non-Scottish artists, is recognised as one of the best private collections of Scottish art ...

July 2002, Issue 3, page 21

Property News
Scottish property market highlights for buying and renting

July 2002, Issue 3, page 23

Off-road trip
You're used to enjoying the stability and safety of your own 4x4 on tarmac, but have you ever considered its ability off-road? Jon Walsh headed up hill and down valley to find out...Photography: Pete...

July 2002, Issue 3, page 24

Monarchs of the Glen
The British monarchy is whee it isbecause of its Scottish roots. A look back in time by Charles Douglas

July 2002, Issue 3, page 28

Highlands and lowlifes
The widespread eviction of tenant crofters in the Scottish highlands in the late 18th and 19th centuries transformed the landscape. James Irvine Robertson examines the consequences

July 2002, Issue 3, page 36

Jenners of Edinburgh winds of change
The oldest independent department store in the world says it's been contemporary since 1838. Kate Patrick went to Jenners to find out how

July 2002, Issue 3, page 40

Speyside – castles and whisky
Gavin D Smith explores the history and wonder of one of Scotland's most popular tourist destinations

July 2002, Issue 3, page 46

Tony Archer's Speyside
This issue's Q&A features Tony Archer, Manager of the Moray Firth wildlife centre. Also the centre's founder, he has been running the project for five years.

July 2002, Issue 3, page 49

Speyside – a golden triangle
Speyside is a magical mix of the very best of Scotland - and on top of that, it's the sunniest part of the country.

July 2002, Issue 3, page 50

To that dark inn The Grave
The village churchyard is an accurate map of the common man from years gone by in danger of disappearing. Words and pictures by John Hannavy

July 2002, Issue 3, page 52

The Lyon King
Robin Blair, controversial new Lord Lyon King of Arms talks to Scotland Magazine. Words and pictures by James Carney

July 2002, Issue 3, page 56

Harris Tweed looming large
Elizabeth Walton pays a visit to the outer Hebrides to see the home off Harris Tweed, an icon that rigidly sticks with traditional values

July 2002, Issue 3, page 60

Picnic and mix
Sue Lawrence packs up a hamper with traditional Scottish goodiies- and slips in a few surprises for good measure...

July 2002, Issue 3, page 64

See it, tough it, hear it, smell it, taste it
Vivien Devlin appraises Scotland's massive contribution to the World economy - and while whisky, tartan and haggis play a part, there's much more

July 2002, Issue 3, page 68

Shortbread Tastings

July 2002, Issue 3, page 76

Paint it black
David Hunter discovers a Scottish pioneer that's touched the heart of the modern world - literally: Sir James Whyte Black

July 2002, Issue 3, page 82

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