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Scotland Magazine Issue 2

Scotland Magazine Issue 2

Scotland Magazine Issue 2

In this issue - Historic Castles - History of Culzean Castle - Dumfries and Galloway - Cruises from Scotland - Top spas - Belinda Robertson - Smoked venison tasting

Published June 2002

Where Gleneagles dare
Marcin Miller explores his new love of birds

June 2002, Issue 2, page 3

Branding irony
Roddy Talks...

June 2002, Issue 2, page 7

Letters to the Editor
DEAR EDITOR Scotland Magazine is an excellent and worthwhile addition to the newsstands of the world. Its photography is clear and precise, illustrating the beauty of Scotland with the colour it so ri...

June 2002, Issue 2, page 12

Jewel in the crown - Culzean Castle
One of Robert Adam's finest creations, Culzean is a historic monument with much more up its sleeve than a pretty face and nice gardens

June 2002, Issue 2, page 16

Doing the Dunnet
Thomson Roddick & Medcalf: Good Paintings – 18th Century to Contemporary. Tuesday March19th.

June 2002, Issue 2, page 21

Sotheby's Scottish Pictures Monday 15th April
This sale of 19th and 20th century paintings is to take place near Edinburgh at Hopetoun House. One lot of particular interest is The Lotus Flower (pictured), of an unusual beauty and elegance, featur...

June 2002, Issue 2, page 21

Property News
Decisions, decisions...a smart city residence to buy or a charming country retreat to rent?

June 2002, Issue 2, page 23

80 minutes vs 1,000 years: pitch battle
Former Scottish Rugby Union captain Rob Wainwright looks back on the rivalry between the Scots and the auld enemy - and how history off the pitch can create motivation on it

June 2002, Issue 2, page 24

Scotland's finest country hotels
The Scottish mainland, as well as featuring fabulous city hotels, also boasts some of the British Isles' most spectacular country hotels. We profile some of the best

June 2002, Issue 2, page 28

Gael Force
Take a swift history lesson, from James II to Queen Victoria - and discover the influence of the Jacobites on Scotland's past

June 2002, Issue 2, page 36

Material girl
Belinda Robertson, feisty Glasgow girl, has taken cashmere to a new plane of fashion

June 2002, Issue 2, page 40

Dumfries & Galloway
Broadcaster and writer Fiona Armstrong, who lives and works on the English border, takes a look at the fascination of this unspoiled and magnificent part of the country

June 2002, Issue 2, page 46

Dumfries & Galloway – forget the cliches
Secret? Not for long. Dumfries and Galloway is bursting at the seams with everything to make a family holiday, romantic break or anything in between

June 2002, Issue 2, page 50

Fiona Armstrong's Dumfries and Galloway
The broadcaster and writer manages to combine a high-profile media career with a rural existence

June 2002, Issue 2, page 54

Scottish Clans
The image, history and reality of Scotland's famous clans

June 2002, Issue 2, page 56

Indoor Oasis
Scotland is winning accolades for something new - the delicate art of total pampering. Our pampering expert looks at a selection of Scotland's finest spas

June 2002, Issue 2, page 60

Breakfast of champions
Sue Lawrence looks at the traditional Scottish breakfast and adds a few ideas of her own...

June 2002, Issue 2, page 64

The lap of luxury
Explore Scotland in a different way - from the luxurious surroundings of a cruise ship

June 2002, Issue 2, page 69

Great Scottish castles
Scotland has the most romantic landscapes, a feature heightened by some of Europe's finest castles. Here are 21 impressive examples

June 2002, Issue 2, page 76

All in the Game

June 2002, Issue 2, page 84

The accidental hero: Alexander Fleming
The story of the Scottish scientist who discovered the 20th century's greatest weapon against bacterial infections by chance...

June 2002, Issue 2, page 90

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