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Scotland Magazine Issue 1

Scotland Magazine Issue 1

Scotland Magazine Issue 1

In this issue - Best city hotels - Missing links finest golf courses - Glasgow focus - Where to fish - Dunvegan Castle - Smoked Salmon - Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Published March 2002

A New Beginning
Editor Marcin Miller welcomes you.

March 2002, Issue 1, page 3

Ancestral home
There is a saying in Scotland that it costs you nothing to find out who your ancestors are, but it costs a fortune to keep it quiet. That may be true, but Scotland is a small country with under five m...

March 2002, Issue 1, page 7

Birds of a feather
Elizabeth Walton experiences the soaring highs and swooping lows of the most noble of highland sports - grouse hawking. Pictures by Glyn Satterley

March 2002, Issue 1, page 12

Bonnie Prince Charlie's chair goes into auction battle!
This historic chair bears an inscription on a silver plate: "From President's Room Culloden House Where Prince Charlie Slept for the Three Nights Previous to The Battle". 'The Battle' is none other ...

March 2002, Issue 1, page 19

Pride of Scotland: Charles Rennie Mackintosh
Perhaps the greatest Scottish artist, architect and designer, Rennie Mackintosh (see feature, pages 22 to 25) was born one of 11 children in Glasgow. Influenced by Scottish traditions and Japanese sim...

March 2002, Issue 1, page 19

Still life bursts through world auction record
The Black Bottle, a still life by Scottish colourist Samuel John Peploe (1871-1935), was sold in Christie's Scottish Sale for well above the estimated £350,000-£450,000, fetching £520,750, a record...

March 2002, Issue 1, page 19

Charles Rennie Mackintosh: A design for life
Arguably Glasgow's most celebrated designer and architect, Mackintosh was respected around the World yet, for a time, seemed a forgotten man in his native Scotland. Gavin Smith rediscovers one of Sco...

March 2002, Issue 1, page 22

Dunvegan Castle, Isle of Skye
Charles Douglas takes a trip to picturesque Skye to take in 800 years of history at the MacLeod ancestral home - Dunvegan.

March 2002, Issue 1, page 26

Roman holiday
James Irvine Robertson asks the searching question: 'What have the Romans ever done for us?'

March 2002, Issue 1, page 38

Glasgow – a free spirit
Tom Bruce-Gardyne takes a swift trip back in time on contemporary Glasgow's streets

March 2002, Issue 1, page 42

Glasgow – Bonny & Clyde
Architecture, resturants, pubs, clubs, parks, meseums, galleries... Glasgow has it all, and plenty more besides.

March 2002, Issue 1, page 46

Glasgow – at a glance
Happening Glaswegians include actors Robert Carlyle (Trainspotting) and John Hannah (The Mummy Returns), Sharleen Spiteri (singer with band Texas), Daniela Nardini (actress), Howie B (musician), write...

March 2002, Issue 1, page 50

Gordon Ramsay: My Glasgow
The famous chef takes a few minutes to talk about the city he loves

March 2002, Issue 1, page 52

Nick Nairn's Glasgow
Gordon Ramsay is not the only famous chef working in Glasgow - Nick's resturant, Nairns, has been open since 1997. We caught up with Nick to find out about his Glasgow

March 2002, Issue 1, page 53

Simply soup-er
Sue Lawrence takes you to her traditional kitchen to enjoy three old-style Scottish broths

March 2002, Issue 1, page 54

Divine Water
Bob McColl takes us on a journey through hills and heather to find the perfect day's fishing

March 2002, Issue 1, page 56

Inch by Inch
Tradition plays a key part in one of Edinburgh's finest jewellers, but it hasn't stopped Hamilton and Inches moving from strenth to strength. Kate Patrick goes shopping

March 2002, Issue 1, page 62

Missing Links
The game of Kings has its roots firmly established in Scotland, which is home to some of the World's finest courses. Hugh Dodd takes us a round...

March 2002, Issue 1, page 64

Poor Man's Feast
Edinburgh based haggis makes Macsween's have a burgeoning reputation as the best in the business. Tom Brude-Gardyne discovers just what makesa Macsween's haggis so different from the rest...

March 2002, Issue 1, page 70

A different kettle of fish
Scotland Magazine editor Marcin Miller and a panel of tasters assess a selection of 10 smoked salmon

March 2002, Issue 1, page 76

Invented by...Janet Keiller
This regular look at a famous Scots invention or innovation begins with a contentious issue - Janet Keiller and the 'invention' of marmalade. We explore the myth with a little help.

March 2002, Issue 1, page 82

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