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Scotland Magazine - Wildlife

Issue 99 Out Now

Scotland Magazine Issue 99

Aberdeenshire - Corgarff Castle - Hercules Linton - Grim tales of Scotland’s mortsafes - Picts at War



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Articles from Wildlife

A great deal to shout about
Graham Holliday explains where you can hear and perhaps see – the shy and elusive corncrake

November 2004, Issue 17, page 22

A walk on the wild side
At this time of year Scotland is ablaze with wild flowers. Lindsay Mackinlay explains what you should be looking for

April 2005, Issue 20, page 50

Bucking the trend
While some species of bird are struggling, Britain's most distinctive sea bird is thriving reports Graham Holliday

July 2005, Issue 21, page 22


May 2003, Issue 8, page 22

Getting your goat
The primitive goat is becoming a rare sight. Graham Holliday gives hints as to where to see one

January 2006, Issue 24, page 22

Go west and follow the skipper
The chequered skipper butterfly is very rare. But your chances of seeing one improve in the Fort William area. Graham Holliday reports

March 2005, Issue 19, page 22

Go wild in the country
Marieke Smegan argues that wildlife alone is worth visiting Scotland for

August 2005, Issue 22, page 24

In praise of ospreys
The osprey represents one of Scotland's most spectacular success stories, having re-established itself there without human intervention. Graham Holliday reports

September 2004, Issue 16, page 22

It's looking black for rare grouse
Graham Holliday seeks out the very rare black grouse

August 2005, Issue 22, page 22


July 2003, Issue 9, page 22

Magical machair
A look how this unusual maritime pasture is becoming a haven for flora and fauna

April 2006, Issue 26, page 22

On the path of hares and crossbills
Catching wildlife in late winter isn't easy. But hares and crossbills are there say Graham Holliday

January 2004, Issue 12, page 19

Plenty of thrills in winter chills
With winter approaching, Graham Halliday tells us how red squirrels are the main attraction in the coming weeks

November 2003, Issue 11, page 18

Rare but welcome river dweller
Otters are making a comeback. Graham Holliday reports

January 2005, Issue 18, page 22

Salmon killers on the loose
Wild salmon are under threat from among other things, pollution and hundreds of thousands of farmed salmon that have escaped and are causing mayhem. Graham Holliday reports

April 2005, Issue 20, page 22

Scotland's cool for cats
Scottish wildcats are extremely rare, but it's still possible to spot them if you're patient enough, says Graham Holilday

May 2004, Issue 14, page 18

Scottish resident with a sweet tooth
Pine martens used to be common but not any more. Graham Holliday goes in search of the elusive distant relative of the stoats and weasel

July 2004, Issue 15, page 22

Snakes alive
Not much can hurt you in Scotland, but the adder can, and as Graham Holliday reports, it's much maligned as a result

February 2006, Issue 25, page 22

Soaring sights
In the latest in our series we go in search of where to see Scotland's greatest birds of prey.

October 2009, Issue 47, page 42

Speed kings
There is no faster animal than the Peregrine Falcon. Graham Holliday looks at where you can find them in Scotland

October 2006, Issue 29, page 22

The eagle has landed
Sea Eagles are among the United Kingdom's most impressive wildlife, says Graham Holliday

March 2004, Issue 13, page 22

The wild,wild wood
Jessie Anderson visits Mabie Forest in Dumfries,a haven for wildlife and visitors alike.

August 2008, Issue 40, page 46

Time to get in a flap

September 2003, Issue 10, page 22

Well and truly hen-pecked
The hen harrier gets a hard time but keeps quiet about it. Graham Holliday reports

October 2005, Issue 23, page 22

Where Eagles dare
Graham Holliday goes bird-watching on the isles of Mull and Skye

June 2006, Issue 27, page 22

Wild capers

March 2003, Issue 7, page 34

Wild mountain sanctuary (Cairngorms)
The Cairngorms is Britain's largest national park and is home to a quarter of its threatened birds, animals and plants. Graham Holliday reports

December 2006, Issue 30, page 22

Scotland Magazine Issue 47

Scotland Magazine Issue 47
The Highlands Inverness - the Black Isle - and beyond - 10 Best Winter Walks - Ancient ways - Journey's Blend - Celebrity recipes - Blended Whisky and much more....

Published October 2009.

Scotland Magazine Issue 40

Scotland Magazine Issue 40
Orkney and Shetland - The merchants and their city - Ghosts of Glencoe - 10 Best museums - The Rough Wooing - Whisky Special and much more....

Published August 2008.

Scotland Magazine Issue 30

Scotland Magazine Issue 30
Edinburgh - out and about in Scotland's capital - Meet the Romans - Mary Queen of Scots - Crathes Castle - Auld Friends - Hebridean island of Tiree - Soup recipes - The Cairngorms.

Published December 2006.

Scotland Magazine Issue 29

Scotland Magazine Issue 29
The great outdoors - 14 Fun days out - Mail order Scotland - Skye and the Western Isles - Rob Roy - Lowland and Island whisky - Ballindalloch Castle - Clan MacLean.

Published October 2006.

Scotland Magazine Issue 27

Scotland Magazine Issue 27
Kelvingrove art gallery - Caithness, Sutherland and Ross-shire, Explore Scotland by bike and train - Best Scottish beaches - Waterfalls - Best bookshops.

Published June 2006.

Scotland Magazine Issue 26

Scotland Magazine Issue 26
Glorious Glasgow - Bath time - Mountain biking - Golf and whisky hotels - Kinloch - Shinty - Ben Nevis - Jam - Scottish Beer.

Published April 2006.

Scotland Magazine Issue 25

Scotland Magazine Issue 25
Going out for the summer - In search of seafood - Get on your bike - Orkney and Shetlands - Rodel Church - Loch Torridon - Robert the Bruce.

Published February 2006.

Scotland Magazine Issue 24

Scotland Magazine Issue 24
Perthshire - New tourist attractions - Edinburgh in words - Shetland's burning - Arbroath smokies - Iona - Travel to and around Scotland.

Published January 2006.

Scotland Magazine Issue 23

Scotland Magazine Issue 23
Island Life - Scotland's finest whisky islands - A royal county - Aberdeenshire - Top 10 Romantic destinations - Scotland in Bloom - Hebridean Princess - Shortbread recipes - Solway - Bagpipes.

Published October 2005.

Scotland Magazine Issue 22

Scotland Magazine Issue 22
Glamis Castle - Hogmanay castles - Out in the country - Dundee and Fife - Country Houses - The Caledonian Hotel - Whisky regions - New Lanark.

Published August 2005.

Scotland Magazine Issue 21

Scotland Magazine Issue 21
Undiscovered Ayrshire - Out and about in Burns country - Underwater world - Top dives in Scottish waters - Jewels in the Firth - The eating revolution - Clan MacLeod - Funky fashion - Walking in Scott country - Best city hotels..

Published July 2005.

Scotland Magazine Issue 20

Scotland Magazine Issue 20
Heart of Scotland - Stirling, Loch Lomond and the Trossachs - Top tourist sites - Scottish Music - Icons of Scotland 05 - Island Hotels - Scottish cheeses - Visiting Distilleries.

Published April 2005.

Scotland Magazine Issue 19

Scotland Magazine Issue 19
Cowal and Bute - Golf Hotels - Festival times - Tullibardine - Gastro Hotels - Ulster Scots - Top tourist destinations.

Published March 2005.

Scotland Magazine Issue 18

Scotland Magazine Issue 18
Urquhart castle - Dumfries and Galloway - St Kilda - Soccer Museums - Whisky and food - Travel to and around Scotland - The Picts - Drumlanrig.

Published January 2005.

Scotland Magazine Issue 17

Scotland Magazine Issue 17
Living castles - Skye and the Western Isles - Runrig - Regiments - Clydebuilt Museum - Clan Robertson - Scotland on screen - Precious stones.

Published November 2004.

Scotland Magazine Issue 16

Scotland Magazine Issue 16
Super Sutherland - Aviemore - Famous Battlefields - A taste of the sea - Barra - Ospreys - Border castles - Rosslyn chapel - Malt whisky special.

Published September 2004.

Scotland Magazine Issue 15

Scotland Magazine Issue 15
Wondeful Orkney - Glasgow a guide to Scotland's liveliest city - Golfing hotels - Icons of Scotland Results - Walter Scott Walk - JS Barrie - Kirks and cathedrals - Highland Games.

Published July 2004.

Scotland Magazine Issue 14

Scotland Magazine Issue 14
Supernatural Scotland - Whisky and Water - Cruising on the West coast - The magic of Edinburgh - Great car journeys - Steam boats - Who killed Darnley? - Loch Torridon.

Published May 2004.

Scotland Magazine Issue 13

Scotland Magazine Issue 13
Ayrshire and Arran - Lord of the Isles - Clan Donald - Scone Place - Heart of History - The real MacBeth - Isle of Skye - Cashmere - Gleneagles - Icons of Scotland.

Published March 2004.

Scotland Magazine Issue 12

Scotland Magazine Issue 12
Blair Castle and Atholl Palace - The Borders - Out and about in the Lowlands - Ancestors on-line - Fortress castles - Iain Banks - Culloden - Winter wildlife.

Published January 2004.

Scotland Magazine Issue 11

Scotland Magazine Issue 11
The Grampians, Orkney and Shetland - Luxury holidays - Hogmanay Food - Gliding - Shopping for kilts - Glencoe - Golf in Perth.

Published November 2003.

Scotland Magazine Issue 10

Scotland Magazine Issue 10
Argyll and the Isles - Hogmanay Hotels - Whisky Distilleries - Lenoxlove a study in romance - Rothiemurchus - Juliet Lawrence-Wilson - Islay - Liqueurs tasting.

Published September 2003.

Scotland Magazine Issue 9

Scotland Magazine Issue 9
Dunrobin castle - Sir David Steel a lifetime in politics - Scottish film locations - Weddings - Best shops - Ballooning - Loch Lomond, Stirling and The Trossachs.

Published July 2003.

Scotland Magazine Issue 8

Scotland Magazine Issue 8
Fantastic Fife - Jack Vettriano - Take the high road - Great Scottish tours - University towns - Chocolate - Museums and Galleries - Montrose.

Published May 2003.

Scotland Magazine Issue 7

Scotland Magazine Issue 7
Best visitor attractions - James Cosmo - Braveheart star in search of Burns - Jack McConnell - Cheese tasting - Perthshire and Kinross - Food and Golf - Island Hotels.

Published March 2003.