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Scotland Magazine - The World of Roddy Martine

Issue 95 Out Now

Scotland Magazine Issue 95

Regional Focus: Firth of Clyde, Ayrshire coastal path, Exlusive interview: Ruth Connell, Shipbuilding on the Clyde, Clan MacAulay



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Articles from The World of Roddy Martine

A Noble Legacy
Roddy looks back at the influence of Sir Iain Noble.

August 2011, Issue 58, page 9

A Profound Impact
Roddy Martine looks at the parallels between two heroes

June 2012, Issue 63, page 9

Border Breathing
Roddy recalls finding peace and tranquility on the Borders while trying to write

February 2011, Issue 55, page 9

Chivalric devices
Roddy Martine delves into a world of arms, shields, emblems and flags

October 2013, Issue 71, page 9

Close to the Edge
Roddy uncovers the bleak tale of two Highland coastal fishing communities

February 2013, Issue 67, page 9

Colourful antecedents
Roddy Martine looks at the line of a family

February 2014, Issue 73, page 9

Countess Ada's fortress
Roddy looks at the makeup of mediaeval Scotland

October 2012, Issue 65, page 9

Exploring the past
Roddy Martine looks at the need to save Edinburgh's architectural heritage

December 2013, Issue 72, page 9

Going Underground
Roddy Martine discovers a hidden world

April 2012, Issue 62, page 9

Hebridean Her itage
Roddy looks at philanthropy in the Highland and Islands

December 2012, Issue 66, page 9

History's rebels
Roddy looks at the groups of people that have become Scotland's romance and legend

December 2010, Issue 54, page 9

Makars' Tales
Roddy Martine reflects on the immortality of the written word

October 2011, Issue 59, page 9

Reclaiming the Past
Roddy looks at the part of the Scottish psyche that celebrates the past

June 2011, Issue 57, page 9

Reforming John Knox
Roddy Martine on the legacy of John Knox

June 2013, Issue 69, page 9

Setting Stone
Roddy Martine visits St Mary's Cathedral Workshop

December 2011, Issue 60, page 9

Silver and gold
The legend of Mull's treasure laden Spanish galleon

April 2014, Issue 74, page 9

That old Bilbao Moon
Roddy looks at the revival of the waterfront

August 2012, Issue 64, page 9

The altruistic spirit
Roddy looks at how the arts prospered by patronage

April 2013, Issue 68, page 9

The Family Seat
Roddy Martine goes in search of his ancestral castle

February 2012, Issue 61, page 9

The Famous Dead
Roddy finds himself at the graveside of several historial Scottish figures

April 2011, Issue 56, page 9

Scotland Magazine Issue 74

Scotland Magazine Issue 74
Forth Road Bridge, Battle of Bannockburn, Balmoral Castle, Angus & Dundee, 10 Best Battlefields.

Published April 2014.

Scotland Magazine Issue 73

Scotland Magazine Issue 73
Borders, Dumfries and Galloway, The spirits of Discovery, 10 Best Nature Reserves and Homecoming 2014 events planner.

Published February 2014.

Scotland Magazine Issue 72

Scotland Magazine Issue 72
Aberdeen and the Grampians, The Wealth of the Nation, 48 hours in Edinburgh, Scotland's railway heritage.

Published December 2013.

Scotland Magazine Issue 71

Scotland Magazine Issue 71
Inverness and the Highlands, 48 hours in Perth, Scottish music, Scotland's mining heritage.

Published October 2013.

Scotland Magazine Issue 69

Scotland Magazine Issue 69
Perthshire and Kinross, The Water of Life, Chasing the silver darlings, Crossing the border.

Published June 2013.

Scotland Magazine Issue 68

Scotland Magazine Issue 68
?Glasgow & Clyde Valley, Braemar Castle & Clan Forbes.

Published April 2013.

Scotland Magazine Issue 67

Scotland Magazine Issue 67
Loch Lomond & the Trossachs | Events Planner | 10 best stately homes.

Published February 2013.

Scotland Magazine Issue 66

Scotland Magazine Issue 66
The Borders - Dumfries & Galloway - The Monklands Canal - 10 Best Festive Activities.

Published December 2012.

Scotland Magazine Issue 65

Scotland Magazine Issue 65
Dunnottar Castle inspires Disney's 'Brave' , Angus & Dundee, 48 Hours in Perth.

Published October 2012.

Scotland Magazine Issue 64

Scotland Magazine Issue 64
Photo Challenge 2012 Winners, Orkney & Shetland, 48 Hours in Edinburgh.

Published August 2012.

Scotland Magazine Issue 63

Scotland Magazine Issue 63
Kilchurn Castle, Glasgow & the Clyde Valley, 48 hours in Aberdeen.

Published June 2012.

Scotland Magazine Issue 62

Scotland Magazine Issue 62
Diamond Jubilee Special - Edinburgh & The Lothians - 48 hours in Glasgow.

Published April 2012.

Scotland Magazine Issue 61

Scotland Magazine Issue 61
2012 events calendar - The Hebrides - Fasque House - 10 best Scottish lighthouses and much more....

Published February 2012.

Scotland Magazine Issue 60

Scotland Magazine Issue 60
Neidpath Castle - Aberdeen & The Grampians - 24 hours in Inverness and much more....

Published December 2011.

Scotland Magazine Issue 59

Scotland Magazine Issue 59
Brodie Castle - 24 Hours in Stirling - Leuchie House - 10 abbeys to visit and much, much more....

Published October 2011.

Scotland Magazine Issue 58

Scotland Magazine Issue 58
Perth & Kinross special - Colstoun House - The Royal Scotsman and much more....

Published August 2011.

Scotland Magazine Issue 57

Scotland Magazine Issue 57
Dundee & Fife - 10 best castle to visit - 24 hours in Edinburgh and much more...!!.

Published June 2011.

Scotland Magazine Issue 56

Scotland Magazine Issue 56
Dundas Castle - Photo Challenge 2010 - Ayrshire & Arran and much more....

Published April 2011.

Scotland Magazine Issue 55

Scotland Magazine Issue 55
Loch Lomond & the Trossachs - Scotland travel guide - Events planner 2011 and much more....

Published February 2011.

Scotland Magazine Issue 54

Scotland Magazine Issue 54
The Borders, Dumfries & Galloway - Gardens of delight - Daniel Defoe and much more....

Published December 2010.