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Scotland Magazine - Scottish History

Issue 99 Out Now

Scotland Magazine Issue 99

Aberdeenshire - Corgarff Castle - Hercules Linton - Grim tales of Scotland’s mortsafes - Picts at War



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Articles from Scottish History

Highland Churches
James Irvine Robertson ventures into the stormy passage of religion in the Scottish Highlands

October 2014, Issue 77, page 18

Shaping the Future
There are moments in a country's history, monumental shifts in political direction or acts of God, which irrevocably define the future. The Scotland that we know today, previously in existence as sepe...

August 2012, Issue 64, page 36

The mystery of Maggie Wall
Heidi Soholt investigates the tales behind a curious monument to an alleged witch.

October 2010, Issue 53, page 22

The Promised Verses
John Hannavy explores the Englishman's request which led to the writing of a Scottish masterpiece

June 2014, Issue 75, page 52

Scotland Magazine Issue 77

Scotland Magazine Issue 77
Glasgow and the Clyde Valley, Dalhousie Castle, Looking up the Ancestors, 10 Best Autumn Walks.

Published October 2014.

Scotland Magazine Issue 75

Scotland Magazine Issue 75
Kinross and Perthshire, The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, Melville Castle, 10 Best Cathedrals.

Published June 2014.

Scotland Magazine Issue 64

Scotland Magazine Issue 64
Photo Challenge 2012 Winners, Orkney & Shetland, 48 Hours in Edinburgh.

Published August 2012.

Scotland Magazine Issue 53

Scotland Magazine Issue 53
Skye & the Western Isle - 10 Best hotel spas - 24 hours in Aberdeen and much more....

Published October 2010.