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Scotland Magazine - Scotland History

Issue 98 Out Now

Scotland Magazine Issue 98

Speyside way - Historic Houses - Clans - Scottish Hotel Awards - Midges and more



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Articles from Scotland History

50 years of Scotland's car
Hillman Imp fan Paul Coulter explores the history and Scottish roots of this iconic vehicle

April 2013, Issue 68, page 28

A Hundred Years in the Highlands
John Hannavy explores the world of Osgood Mackenzie

June 2015, Issue 81, page 43

A legend in his time
James Irvine Robertson tells the incredible tale of Thomas Cochrane

December 2016, Issue 90, page 52

A Remarkable Course
Keith Fergus looks at the history of the once mighty Monklands canal

December 2012, Issue 66, page 28

Banking Pioneers of Chancers?
James Irvine Robertson evaluates the lives of two of Scotland's original money men

October 2015, Issue 83, page 30

Battle of the Bass
James Irvine Robertson looks at the history of Bass Rock

December 2012, Issue 66, page 14

Big game attraction
James Irvine Robertson charts the history of hunting in Scotland.

June 2010, Issue 51, page 38

Border Rieving
James Irvine Robertson looks at one of the cross border feuds

February 2013, Issue 67, page 14

Hippopotamus Murray
Patricia Cleveland-Peck and the tale of Charles Augustus

October 2015, Issue 83, page 56

In Praise of Tartan
Duncan Macpherson celebrates Scotland's National Dress

February 2016, Issue 85, page 33

Kingmaker Monck
Gerald Urwin revisits the career of the man who ruled Scotland and restored the Monarchy

October 2015, Issue 83, page 51

Les Terribles Chevaux Gris
Charles Douglas encounters the ghost of Ensign Ewart and remembers the Battle of Waterloo

October 2014, Issue 77, page 48

Mary Queen of France
John Hannavy has toured France in search of Mary Queen of Scots' childhood

December 2014, Issue 78, page 46

Out of fashion, out of time
Joe Trotter looks back on Scotland's lost whisky makers

December 2016, Issue 90, page 56

Outlander Uncovered: Blackness Castle
Christopher Coates visits Blackness Castle near Linlithgow

October 2016, Issue 89, page 10

Radical Uprising
James Irvine Robertson looks at the struggle for the vote in Scotland

December 2014, Issue 78, page 18

Reliving History
Roddy Martine meets Arran Paul Johnston of The Alan Breck Prestonpans Volunteer Regiment

August 2014, Issue 76, page 54

Remembering the Royal Oak
Stephen Roberts investigates the history that lies beneath the waves of the Scapa Flow

October 2016, Issue 89, page 32

Rosslyn Chapel Revisited
Life after The Da Vinci Code

April 2015, Issue 80, page 50

Scotland's Royal Saint
James Irvine Robertson recalls the love affair between a powerful Scottish King and his beatified Saxon wife

June 2015, Issue 81, page 31

Silver darlings
Gilly Pickup goes in search of Wine Drinkers* and Glasgow Magistrates*.

June 2010, Issue 51, page 60

Soldiers of Christendom
James Irvine Robertson goes in search of The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of

August 2014, Issue 76, page 18

The Despicable Duke
James Irvine Robertson tells the tale of John Maitland, Duke of Lauderdale

December 2017, Issue 96, page 59

The Flying Heiress
Aviatrix Elsie Mackay and her final flight

June 2014, Issue 75, page 42

The hanged man
James Irvine Robertson investigates the events leading up to Scotland's only execution for blasphemy

April 2013, Issue 68, page 14

The Honours of Scotland
James Irvine Robertson looks at the history of the nation's crown jewels.

October 2010, Issue 53, page 38

The Law of the Land
James Irvine Robertson unravels the differences between separate systems

August 2015, Issue 82, page 31

The Lords of Inobedience
James Irvine Robertson pays tribute to the long ago antics of the Edinburgh mob

February 2016, Issue 85, page 48

The Maid of Norway
James Irvine Robertson explains the consequences of the death of a seven year old Princess

April 2015, Issue 80, page 54

The Mole-catcher's wife
John Hannavy explores the literary world of Tibbie Shiels

October 2014, Issue 77, page 50

The Scottish Diaspora Tapestry
A homage to the contributions made by Scots throughout the world

August 2014, Issue 76, page 28

The Siege of Leith
James Irvine Robertson tells of a conflict that marked the end of the ‘Auld Alliance'

October 2016, Issue 89, page 50

Twin Declarations?
The American Declaration of Independence is not based on the Declaration of Arbroath. Bruce Durie explains why

February 2018, Issue 97, page 46

Uncrowned King of Scotland
Charles Douglas visits Melville Castle, Midlothian

June 2014, Issue 75, page 10

Vicissitudes of Fortune
Patricia Cleveland-Peck recalls the Edinburgh girl who became a Spanish Marquesa

April 2015, Issue 80, page 44

When Scotland Built Cars
John Hannavy goes in search of Scotland's automotive heritage

October 2016, Issue 89, page 36

Scotland Magazine Issue 97

Scotland Magazine Issue 97
Walk the Rob Roy Way - Castle Campbell - Fife - Clackmannanshire - Kinross.

Published February 2018.

Scotland Magazine Issue 96

Scotland Magazine Issue 96
Wild North Land of the Vikings - Scotland's Route 66 - Castle Sinclair - Orkney's Ancient History.

Published December 2017.

Scotland Magazine Issue 90

Scotland Magazine Issue 90
Regional Focus: Dumfries; The captivating Clyde; Outlander uncovered: The Preston Mill and Phantassie Doocot; Dunskey House and more!.

Published December 2016.

Scotland Magazine Issue 89

Scotland Magazine Issue 89
Regional Focus: The Borders; Fatlips Castle; Tales of the Tweed; When Scotland Built Cars, Outlander Uncovered: Blackness Castle; Artist in residence; The Siege of Leith.

Published October 2016.

Scotland Magazine Issue 85

Scotland Magazine Issue 85
Regional Focus: Midlothian, DNA Testing for Scottish Ancestry, Shetland Wildlife, Lords of Inobedience.

Published February 2016.

Scotland Magazine Issue 83

Scotland Magazine Issue 83
Royal Choice - The Aberdeenshire Castle Trail, 10 Best Nature Reserves, General George Monck, Hippopotamus Murray.

Published October 2015.

Scotland Magazine Issue 82

Scotland Magazine Issue 82
Dumfriesshire Star of Caledonia, Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, Moat Brae House, 10 Best Visitor Attractions.

Published August 2015.

Scotland Magazine Issue 81

Scotland Magazine Issue 81
Western Approaches, A Hundred Years in the Highlands, Family Crest, Cabisdale, 10 Best Manmade Wonders.

Published June 2015.

Scotland Magazine Issue 80

Scotland Magazine Issue 80
Spirit of Speyside, Scottish Hotel Awards, Dandie Dinmont, Rosslyn Revisited, 10 Best Spring Walks.

Published April 2015.

Scotland Magazine Issue 78

Scotland Magazine Issue 78
Loch Lomond and Dunbartonshire, Time Travel with the Jacobites, A Garden of Tradition and Delight, 10 Best Trails.

Published December 2014.

Scotland Magazine Issue 77

Scotland Magazine Issue 77
Glasgow and the Clyde Valley, Dalhousie Castle, Looking up the Ancestors, 10 Best Autumn Walks.

Published October 2014.

Scotland Magazine Issue 76

Scotland Magazine Issue 76
Edinburgh and the Lothians, The Diaspora Tapestry, The Haining, 10 Best Castles.

Published August 2014.

Scotland Magazine Issue 75

Scotland Magazine Issue 75
Kinross and Perthshire, The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, Melville Castle, 10 Best Cathedrals.

Published June 2014.

Scotland Magazine Issue 68

Scotland Magazine Issue 68
?Glasgow & Clyde Valley, Braemar Castle & Clan Forbes.

Published April 2013.

Scotland Magazine Issue 67

Scotland Magazine Issue 67
Loch Lomond & the Trossachs | Events Planner | 10 best stately homes.

Published February 2013.

Scotland Magazine Issue 66

Scotland Magazine Issue 66
The Borders - Dumfries & Galloway - The Monklands Canal - 10 Best Festive Activities.

Published December 2012.

Scotland Magazine Issue 53

Scotland Magazine Issue 53
Skye & the Western Isle - 10 Best hotel spas - 24 hours in Aberdeen and much more....

Published October 2010.

Scotland Magazine Issue 51

Scotland Magazine Issue 51
Argyll - Loch Lomond - Stirling and the Trossachs - 10 Best Summer Walks - How tweed is made and much more....

Published June 2010.