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Scotland Magazine - People in History

Issue 99 Out Now

Scotland Magazine Issue 99

Aberdeenshire - Corgarff Castle - Hercules Linton - Grim tales of Scotland’s mortsafes - Picts at War



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Articles from People in History

A man to die and cry for

September 2003, Issue 10, page 36

Adam Smith
The father of economics.

August 2010, Issue 52, page 41

Alexander Graham Bell
The latest in our series of famous Scots leads us to the inventor of the telephone.

August 2008, Issue 40, page 41

America's navel hero
John Paul Jones was one of America's greatest battle commanders during the Revolution. Not bad for a poor boy from Kirkcudbright.

March 2008, Issue 37, page 43

Andrew Carnegie
The latest in our series on famous Scots leads us to one of the world's greatest philanthropists.

October 2008, Issue 41, page 41


July 2003, Issue 9, page 72

As sure as Sherlock
We look at the life of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Scottish author and creator of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries.

December 2007, Issue 36, page 41

Burying the Bruce
Buried in three (or more) separate places – we investigate the strange story of King Robert the Bruce.

October 2009, Issue 47, page 68

Charles Rennie Mackintosh
One of Glasgow's famous sons.

December 2009, Issue 48, page 41

Charles Rennie Mackintosh: A design for life
Arguably Glasgow's most celebrated designer and architect, Mackintosh was respected around the World yet, for a time, seemed a forgotten man in his native Scotland. Gavin Smith rediscovers one of Sco...

March 2002, Issue 1, page 22

Child of the Mist (Rob Roy MacGregor)
In the latest part of our series looking at Scottish characters, Mark Nicholls sets off on the trail of Rob Roy MacGregor

October 2006, Issue 29, page 65

David Douglas
We look into the life of a 19th century Scottish botanist and explorer.

June 2009, Issue 45, page 41

Doctor Livingstone, I presume?
In the latest of our series on famous Scots, we study the life of Scotland's most famous explorer

November 2007, Issue 35, page 25

Everything you need to know about... The Loch Ness monster
The Loch Ness Monster, or ‘Nessie,' as he, she or it is known locally, has become a popular Scottish icon inspiring poems, books and songs. Over the years, Nessie's image has been transposed onto co...

June 2007, Issue 33, page 74

Friend more than servant
History has preserved the friendship between the widowed Queen Victoria and her personal attendant John Brown. Jackie Cosh reports

June 2007, Issue 33, page 58

From caverns to castles (Robert the Bruce)
Robert the Bruce is arguably Scotland's greatest monarch, Mark Nicholls sets off on his trail

February 2006, Issue 25, page 62

Gael Force
Take a swift history lesson, from James II to Queen Victoria - and discover the influence of the Jacobites on Scotland's past

June 2002, Issue 2, page 36

Highland Mary
Annie Harrower-Gray looks at the life behind Mary Campbell, one of the women that so inspired Robert Burns.

August 2009, Issue 46, page 18

In search of Braveheart (Sir William Wallace)
In the second part of our series looking at where you can find out more about great historical figures, Mark Nicholls sets off on the trail of Sir William Wallace

April 2006, Issue 26, page 62

Industrial revolutionary: James Watt

February 2003, Issue 6, page 82

Invalid at home, Samson abroad
Isabella Bird wasn't the typical swash-buckling Scottish type of hero. But she was a hero. Sara Wilson explains why

November 2003, Issue 11, page 42

Invented by...Janet Keiller
This regular look at a famous Scots invention or innovation begins with a contentious issue - Janet Keiller and the 'invention' of marmalade. We explore the myth with a little help.

March 2002, Issue 1, page 82

JM Barrie
Scottish journalist, playwright and children's book writer, JM Barrie became world famous with his story about a little boy who never grew up.

April 2008, Issue 38, page 41

John Buchan
A life in letters.

April 2010, Issue 50, page 41

John Buchan's classic steps
Gerald Warner gives an overview of the life and works of scottish novelist John Buchan, who rose from obscurity on the merit of his talent

September 2002, Issue 4, page 54

John Law
Liz Pickering looks at the life of John Law, Scottish financial genius, gambler and ladies man.

February 2009, Issue 43, page 30

John Muir
Scotland's saviour of the Sierra.

February 2010, Issue 49, page 41

Macbeth: bloody tyrant or popular king?
Most of us know Shakespeare's version of Macbeth. What was the reality? Jackie Cosh reports

March 2004, Issue 13, page 74

Macmillan Kirkpatrick
In the latest of our series of famous Scots, we look to the inventor of the bicycle.

April 2009, Issue 44, page 74

Mary Slessor
The life of a Scots woman and 19th century missionary to Nigeria.

August 2009, Issue 46, page 42

National treasure
Sally Toms looks at the life of celebrated Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson

August 2007, Issue 34, page

Paint it black
David Hunter discovers a Scottish pioneer that's touched the heart of the modern world - literally: Sir James Whyte Black

July 2002, Issue 3, page 82

Sir Alexander Fleming
The man who discovered penicillin and so much more...

October 2009, Issue 47, page 41

Sir Walter Scott
The latest in our series on famous Scots looks at the great novelist and poet.

December 2008, Issue 42, page 41

Sons of Scotland
The Scots are of a creative and adventurous creed and it is hard to single out 10 examples of outstanding ability. There can be no doubt that the impact of the following on the history of Scotland has...

August 2012, Issue 64, page 31

The accidental hero: Alexander Fleming
The story of the Scottish scientist who discovered the 20th century's greatest weapon against bacterial infections by chance...

June 2002, Issue 2, page 90

The first private eye
We look at the exciting life of America's James Bond – Allan Pinkerton

June 2008, Issue 39, page 41

The last bandit
Ian R.Mitchell looks at the tale of Ewan Macphee, Scotland's last true outlaw

June 2008, Issue 39, page 42

The light fantastic

March 2003, Issue 7, page 82

The Scottish King (Macbeth)
Mark Nicholls sets off on the trail of the ancient Scottish king, Macbeth, to discover his true character

April 2007, Issue 32, page 64

The tragic queen (Mary Queen of Scots)
In the latest part of our series looking at legendary Scottish characters, Mark Nicholls looks at where to find out more about Mary Queen of Scots

December 2006, Issue 30, page 64

The wheel thing
Brigid James goes round and round attempting to unravel which Scotsman really invented that indispensable mode of transport, the bicycle

September 2002, Issue 4, page 82

The Young Pretender (Bonnie Prince Charlie)
In the latest part of our series looking at Scottish characters, Mark Nicholls sets off to find out more about Bonnie Prince Charlie

February 2007, Issue 31, page 40


May 2003, Issue 8, page 72


May 2003, Issue 8, page 82


July 2003, Issue 9, page 82

Vision of the future

November 2002, Issue 5, page 82

White Elephant

November 2002, Issue 5, page 56

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Scotland Magazine Issue 31
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Scotland Magazine Issue 13
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Scotland Magazine Issue 11
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Scotland Magazine Issue 10
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Scotland Magazine Issue 9
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Scotland Magazine Issue 8
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Scotland Magazine Issue 6
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Scotland Magazine Issue 5
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Scotland Magazine Issue 4

Scotland Magazine Issue 4
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Scotland Magazine Issue 3
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Scotland Magazine Issue 2
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Scotland Magazine Issue 1
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